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This graphic compares surrounding property tax rates which have been adjusted to include the property tax equivalent cost for those districts with an income tax.
School District Property Tax Question & Answer Guide for School Administrators and General Public
2017 Tax Rates currently in effect for Madison County.
Madison-Plains Board of Education resolution of necessity to raise $2,050,000 annually for five years through an emergency operating property tax levy.
County Auditor certification of a 6.264 mill levy to raise $2,050,000 annually for five years.

Levy Talking Points

  • Talk 2's
    • Levy Generates $2 million, costs $100k $220 and $1m farm $2,200
    • 13 years since our last approved levy (2005)
    • MP has lowest effective tax rate of all surrounding districts 
    • Levy will support current level of service for 5 years 
    • Revnewed Permanment Improvement levy in November; Operating levy in May (2nd attempt

Madison-Plains LSD Budgetary Data

Area Salary Comparison Data

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Follow these step-by-step instruction to find out your estimated annual tax increase and new estimated total tax bill based on the proposed 6.264 mill emergency operating property tax levy.
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