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Fun Fact Friday - Password Security - 1/10/2020

Today’s fun fact(s) will be over passwords!  Below are a few facts about passwords that may help when trying to create one that is secure. 

  • 50% chance that a password has at least one vowel.

  • Numbers that are used in passwords are usually the numbers ‘1’ or ‘2’ and are placed at the end of the password.

  • Capital letters are usually at the beginning and are followed by a vowel.

  • Women use personal names for passwords frequently.

  • Men use their hobbies for passwords frequently.

  • Most common symbols used are -~@#$%&?

Tell me that isn’t a little scary how accurate that is.. 

Using this site will help you check your own password strength: https://howsecureismypassword.net/

Another tool I would highly recommend, and personally cannot live without, is a password manager! Having 200+ accounts, this is a tool that allows me to be secure, while keeping it simple.  Bitwarden is a free service in the form of a mobile app, Chrome extension, desktop program, and website that can save all of your passwords so you won’t have to remember all of them but one! Make sure that if you use this, your Master Password is secure! Security Professionals recommend that passwords be at LEAST 12 characters long. 

My recommendation on creating a secure password, would be to pick an uncommon phrase. Something not personal, or easy to guess (such as “CatInTheHat”). That would be too easy. To make it even better, mix up the words! And if you don’t want to make your own, Bitwarden has the ability to generate random secure passwords for you, as you won’t have to remember them anymore!

This number will only be increasing as technology use increases, and computing power scales. 


Thanks for reading!


Pierce Le Vangie 


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