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FFA Fair Exhibitor Wins

Thank you Lindsey Call, FFA Chapter Reporter, for this great write-up!!  Congratulations to the FFA!!

Change Is In the Air at The Madison County Fair

     In the past year and a half, Covid concerns and regulations have changed the way we go about life. This could not have been more apparent than it was at the 2020 Madison County Fair. Exhibitors and parents of exhibitors were the only individuals allowed to attend the fair. Due to this measure, much of the entertainment that is usually included such as fair rides and grandstand events were prohibited.

     During the 2021 fair, however, exhibitors were finally “back in the saddle.” Excitement could not have been higher as everything returned to normal and nationally renowned judge Ryan Rash was in attendance. In order to make this the best year possible, the students of the Madison Plains FFA chapter worked diligently with all their projects. It is with great pride that the Madison-Plains FFA  recognize these members for their achievements.

Beef Born and Raised/ Feeder Calf:
- Amy Burchett- 1st
- Kirstin Eades- 5th

Beef Born and Raised/ Breeding Female:
- Gabriel Garrison- reserved champion beef born and raised breeding female

Beef Breeding Classes/ Summer Yearling:
- Crystal Weimer- 1st, 3rd

Beef Breeding/ Junior Yearling:
- Gabriel Garrison- reserved champion yearling                                                    

Beef Market Classes/ Feeder Calf:
- Amy Burchett- champion beef feeder calf
- Kirstin Eades- 5th

Beef Market Classes/ Market Beef:
- Gabriel Garrison- 4th
- Luke Mason- 5th
- Zane Boggs- 5th

Beef Market Classes/ Market Heifer:
- Mason Marchiando- 1st

Beef Showmanship/ Seniors (15-18):
- Zane Boggs- beef showmanship top three division
- Gabe Garrison- beef showmanship top three division
- Kirstin Eades- beef showmanship top three division

Goat Market Classes/ Market Goat:
- Reagan Nichols- 1st, 2nd
- Molly Barber- 1st
- Kyla McCoy- 4th
- Morgan Rowe- 5th

Goat Showmanship/ Seniors (15-18):
- Molly Barber- Goat showman of showman
- Morgan Rowe- 1st
- Reagan Nichols- 2nd, 4th
- Kyla McCoy- 3rd

4 Class Rabbits/ Seniors (15-18)/ Junior Buck:
- Emma Rife- 2nd

Doe and Litter:
- Emma Rife- 3rd

Rabbit Showmanship/ Seniors (15-18):
- Emma Rife- 3rd

Swine Breeding/Crossbred Gilt:
- Corey Cress- 1st
- Cameron Dennehy- 1st, 3rd
- Allison Dudgeon- 4th

Purebred Breeding Gilt:
- Cameron Dennehy- 1st, 2nd
- Morgan Rowe- 4th
- Dylan Evans- 5th

Crossbred Market Barrow:
- Corey Cress- 1st,1st, 4th
- Keira Kimbler- 1st
- Cameron Dennehy- 2nd
- Lucas Furbee- 3rd
- Brooke Edwards- 4th
- Kiley Keckler- 4th
- Morgan Rowe- 4th
- Sydnee white- 4th

Crossbred Market Gilt:
- Cameron Dennehy- 1st
- Chloe Kelly- 4th

Purebred Market Barrow or Gilt:
- Anna LeGault- 1st
- Kinsey Null- 4th

Swine Showmanship/ Seniors (15-18):
- Corey Cress- Swine showman of showman
- Cameron Dennehy- 1st
- Brooke Edwards- 4th
- Ethan Gillian- 4th
- Kiley Keckler- 4th
- Cainan Kelly- 4th
- Dylan Evans- 5th
- Morgan Rowe- 5th
    Though things have not been quite the same, the exhibitors have stepped it up to face any new challenge that comes their way. As a new year begins, the hard work continues in the classroom and with projects. Being members of this organization, they know that without labor, nothing can be accomplished.

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