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2022 10 23 1820 MP Transportation Update Social Media Version

Dear Madison-Plains Local School District Parents and Guardians,

Good evening.  The purpose of this communication is to provide you with an update on
transportation.  We have a retired bus driver who has agreed to come back to help us, beginning
tomorrow, Monday, October 24, 2022, and because of that, we are able to combine
some routes in some different ways than we have been in order to get everyone to
school on time, or very close to it.  In order to accomplish this, there are quite a few
changes.  The best way to access the information is probably through e-mail, the
website, or through Facebook so you can read it; however, for those who do not have
access to one of those methods of communication, the changes are as follows:
In the morning …

Bus #8 will pick-up its students 10 minutes earlier than their scheduled pickup times.
Please make sure your students are ready and at their designated stops at least 15
minutes earlier than normal.  Bus #8 will drop its regular students off at the school and
head to Midway/Sedalia for students who live in town.  For clarity, in-town students
include students who live within the Midway/Sedalia village limits.  Bus #8 will arrive at
its first stop in Midway/Sedalia around 7:20 a.m. at Federal St. and continue in the usual
order. Please be ready to be picked up at all stops by 7:15 a.m.
Bus #2 will pick up its students at the normal time then continue and pick-up bus #6’s
“rural students.”  Bus #2’s first stop on the rural route will be on SR 729 around 7:11
a.m. and then as follows:  Bookwalter Rd, Charleston-Chillicothe Rd, SR 323, and
Fralick Rd.  “Rural” students include any bus #6 students who live on State Route 729,
Bookwalter Rd., Charleston-Chillicothe Rd., State Route 323, or Fralick Rd.
Bus #4’s students will be picked-up at their regular time, but they will be picked-up by
bus #6.  Bus #6 will begin picking-up Bus #4’s students at 6:20 a.m., starting on
Chestnut St. and will continue from there. Please be ready 5 minutes prior to the
previous pickup times set at the beginning of the school year.
Bus #15 will be picking-up its regular students about 10-15 minutes earlier, as well, and
then will pick-up two students on Foody Rd. around 7:15 am.
In the afternoon …

Bus #2 will continue its normal afternoon route.  Also, at dismissal, Bus #6 “rural
students” will load onto Bus #2.  Bus #2 will drop off these students in the following

order after Bus #2’s route is complete, starting around 3:40 p.m:  SR 729, Bookwalter,
Charleston-Chillicothe Rd., SR 323, Minshaw Rd., and Fralick Rd.
Bus #6's in-town students will remain in their designated buildings until Bus #2 finishes
its route.  Bus #2 will then come back to the school to get the Midway/Sedalia in-town
students and take them home beginning around 4:00 p.m. at their designated stops.
Also, bus #12 will be running at its normal times, both in the mornings and the

Thank you for your continued understanding as we continue to work through this difficult
time.  We are continuing our search for more bus drivers, but we are very appreciative
to the retired driver who has come back to assist us.  
Have a good evening and a wonderful week.

Go Eagles.
Chad Eisler, Superintendent
Madison-Plains Local School

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