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COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at MPHS
Dear MPHS Parents and Guardians,

The purpose of this communication is to share with you information regarding a student COVID-19 vaccine clinic at MPHS.  

As you have likely heard, schools are being encouraged to work with their local health department to provide opportunities for students who are age 16 and up to receive the Pfizer COVID vaccine, for those students who are interested and whose parents or guardians provide consent.

MPHS will be providing this opportunity for interested students.  The date students will be receiving their first dose of the vaccine will be on Friday, April 30, 2021, during the school day.  Second doses of Pfizer are recommended to be received three (3) weeks later, and so the second vaccine clinic for students to receive their second dose will be on Friday, May 21, 2021, also during the school day.

In order for students to receive the vaccine, they must be at least 16 years of age, and they must have a parent or guardian provide consent.  Parents and guardians must provide consent by going to the Madison County Public Health (MCPH) website via the link below, complete the on-line registration and, then, print and sign the registration form.  The signed form must be presented by the student at school at the time of vaccination in order to receive the vaccine.  Parents do not need to be present at the time the vaccine is given.  

The purpose of completing the on-line registration is for the health department to know how many doses will be needed, as the goal is to not waste a single dose of the vaccine.  The printed and signed copy of the registration is needed so that there is signed documentation that the parent or guardian gave permission for their child to receive the vaccine.  If a parent or guardian has two children who are interested in receiving the vaccine, the on-line registration must be completed for each child, and two separate registration forms must also be signed, one for each child.  Students must be registered no later than Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Here is the link to the on-line registration form at MCPH:

This opportunity is only open to students who are MPHS students or home-schooled students who participate on MPHS sports teams.  There is no cost for students to receive the vaccine.

If you have any questions, please contact our school nurse, Mrs. Tamara Sutton, by phone at 740-490-0675, or by e-mail at the following address:  [email protected]  

Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Go Eagles!


Chad Eisler, Superintendent
Madison-Plains Local School District