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New Phone System - April 14, 2022
Dear MPLSD Parents and Guardians,

MPLSD received notice earlier this calendar year that one of our phone service providers will no longer be providing service to our District, and other customers, due to antiquated technology that is currently in use.  We were told this cancellation would go into effect in late April.  As such, and in order to provide as smooth of a transition as possible, we are in the process of switching our phone service and equipment to a new system during spring break, while students and staff are not in classes.  

I wanted you to be aware this change is occurring.  We fully expect the new service to be operational upon our return from spring break, but as with any new system, there may be a few minor glitches that will need to be ironed out.  We will work to do that as quickly as possible.  

We would have preferred to make this change over the summer, but that was not given to us as an option, so we are doing the best we can to make this as smooth of a transition as possible within the time parameters we have.

Thank you for your continued support!

Have a wonderful evening!

Go Eagles!

Chad Eisler, Superintendent
Madison-Plains Local School District