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11-19-20 Pandemic, Plans, Covid Notification

Dear MPLSD Parents, Guardians, Staff, and Students,

As you likely are aware, the numbers of cases of COVID-19 in Ohio are at levels that we have not seen before during this pandemic.  This same trend data is also true in Madison County.  With the number of cases increasing, school districts in the county are also seeing a marked increase in the numbers of cases, and as you would anticipate, our school district is seeing this increase, as well.    

To put this into perspective and provide some specific numbers, beginning yesterday morning and continuing through the end of the school day today, I have been informed of seven (7) new cases of COVID-19 within the school district.  The case breakdown over that period of time is as follows:  

1 staff member case at the K-6 building
3 student cases at the K-6 building
2 staff member cases at the 7-12 building
1 student case at the 7-12 building

We have worked hard to make campus as safe as we can; however, as others have noted, the trends that occur within the local area will inevitably be seen and felt within the local school districts.

With the number of staff members that are being affected by illness and by quarantines, we were barely able to keep the K-6 building open today.

We continue to monitor the numbers, both within the school district, the county, and the state.  Though it was anticipated that the number of cases would climb after Thanksgiving, this most recent escalation in the number of cases leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday is, now, even more concerning.  Because of the way this is developing, I think it is important for all of us to begin to prepare for the possibility that we may have to transition to fully remote learning, and the possibility exists that we may have to close school unexpectedly, again.  

Though I know there is a great amount of variability of thought about how people should be dealing with the virus, I believe I speak in agreement with most of you, and the staff, when I say that I would like to have students on campus five days a week, if possible, and we have worked hard to make that happen as long as we can.  However, we have to prioritize safety first, and right now, the virus is having a significant impact.  

I share this information with you because I want you to be aware that the pandemic is at a point that the plans we were hoping to carry-out may have to change, and they may have to change quickly.  I am hoping to stay the course we have charted, but that may not be able to happen.  

I will keep you informed as best I can.

Please find the two most recent building notification letters regarding cases in MPLSD that we have learned about since school was over yesterday, as the two cases we learned of during yesterday’s school day were already communicated.  The most recent letters are attached.

Thank you.

Chad Eisler, Superintendent
Madison-Plains Local School District

2020 11 19 MPLSD Building COVID Notification Letter to Parents and Guardians RE Staff Member Cases at 712 Bldg.pdf

2020 11 19 MPLSD Building COVID Notification Letter to Parents and Guardians RE Student Cases at K6 Bldg.pdf

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