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Madison-Plains Technology Department

Welcome to the Madison-Plains Local School Technology Page!
Here I will post occasional tips, technology related events, and other related information. 
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Fun Fact Friday - Password Security - 1/10/2020

Today’s fun fact(s) will be over passwords!  Below are a few facts about passwords that may help when trying to create one that is secure. 

  • 50% chance that a password has at least one vowel.

  • Numbers that are used in passwords are usually the numbers ‘1’ or ‘2’ and are placed at the end of the password.

  • Capital letters are usually at the beginning and are followed by a vowel.

  • Women use personal names for passwords frequently.

  • Men use their hobbies for passwords frequently.

  • Most common symbols used are -~@#$%&?!

Tell me that isn’t a scarily accurate.. 


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Fun Fact Friday - GSuite Tools 3/6/2020

Hello All!

 In today’s Fun Fact Friday, I would like to go over some of the many undervalued organizational tools that can be used in Gmail that make my life (and hopefully yours!) much easier. All of these can be found right from the same Gmail page you’re all used to, but we’re going to go over some of the buttons you may have not thought to explore. Here is an overview of what I will be going over:

  • Shortcuts for easy access to

    • Google Calendar

      • This will be a day overview or schedule view depending on your preference. 

    • Google Keep for note taking

    • Google Tasks; A simple To-Do list that lives in Gmail, or a mobile app

    • Google Hangouts / Chat

  • Mail Management

    • Mail Filters and Labels

    • Why you should Archive instead of Delete

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