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Financial Advisory Committee


Financial Advisory Committee to the Board<hr>

Madison-Plain's Financial Advisory Committee is a committee of the Treasurer/CFO and was formed to enhance communication between the Treasurer, the community and the Madison-Plains Board of Education , and to help guide & review the financial planning and practices of the district.  Members include the Treasurer, school board representative(s), and appointed community members including financial experts and professionals. 


Jan 10, 2018 - Madison-Plains Board of Education Organizational Meeting 
Establishment of a Financial Advisory Committee to the Board

That upon recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board approve the creation of a Financial Advisory Committee to the Board.
The Financial Committee will be charged with the following responsibilities:
  1. The committee will work collaboratively to develop financial guidelines which will determine when the district needs to seek additional funding.
  2. The committee will evaluate the Five Year forecast and its assumptions.
  3. The committee will evaluate and recommend modifications to the 10 Year Financial plan.
  4. The committee will review the annual financial audit report.
  5. The committee will report out to the Board of Education as prescribed in the 10 Year Financial Plan.
The Financial Committee will meet until the responsibilities listed above have been met.
Committee assignments will expire at the next Board Organizational meeting.
The Superintendent, in conjunction with the Treasurer/CFO, will make all appointments to the committee with approval of the Board.
Jan 07, 2020 - Madison-Plains Board of Education Organizational Meeting 
Re-formed the committee as a Financial Advisory Committee of the Treasurer/CFO
Meeting Dates
Unless otherwise noted, all finance committee meetings will be held in the Superintendent's Office at the Madison-Plain's Central Office at 5 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of the month as-needed.

Committee Members

Chad Eisler
Superintendent, Madison-Plains Local Schools 

Todd Mustain
Treasurer, Madison-Plains Local Schools

Anthoula Xenikis
Board President, Madison-Plains Board of Education

Becky Rheinscheld
Board Member, Madison-Plains Board of Education

Courtney Bricker
Fiscal Officer, Village of Mt. Sterling

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