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Student Activity Forms & Guidance

Student Activities Forms & Guidance

Student activity forms (activity purpose statements -budgets, fundraiser requests, etc.) for next year need to be completed and turned in before the end of the current school year. Administrators should then have those forms turned in to the Central Office by June 1st.

The following information is Available to Student Activity Program Advisors/Coaches:
  • Student Activity Forms
    • These are electronic fillable forms.  Download, save, complete and print these forms.
  • Madison-Plains board policy applicable to student activity programs
  • "Guidelines for Student Activity Programs" from the Auditor of State of Ohio's office 
    • These guidelines are not necessarily our policy, but should help give guidance in the effective operation of our student activity programs at Madison-Plains.
  • USAS (our school accounting software) Manual 
    • Among other things, this document gives account code descriptions to aid advisors/coaches in completing their requisitions and analyzing their budgets.
  • FiscWeb
    • All financial information for student activity account management and review is available on FiscWeb under either Athletics, Music and/or Student Activities.
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