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MPIP: District Leadership Team (DLT)<hr>

 Membership of the DLT includes individuals with key positions at various levels of the school district, for example:


Board Member

Director of Curriculum


Director of Special Education

Assistant Principals 

Teacher Leaders   

Classified Representation

The Director of Curriculum serves as the facilitator of this team and represents the team by articulating the work of the team, building consensus among the team members, and contextualizing the process as needed. The work of the DLT continues after the plan is developed: The work of continuous improvement is ongoing and involves the DLT in all four stages of the OIP.

DLT Responsibilities

A summary of the DLT responsibilities are as follows:
  • Implement Planning Policy
  • Promote commitment to continuous improvement
  • Maintain school-wide focus on high achievement for all students
  • Facilitate the efforts of BLT and TBT workgroups
  • Develop a single district school improvement plan
  • Ensure that schools have focused building plans aligned to the district's goals
  • Monitor progress of the district plan and make adjustments as necessary
  • Communicate
  • Provide for input and feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Make decisions on financial and capital management aligned to district plan
  • Evaluate the plan process

Interrelationships of the Improvement Teams

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